IDeA National Resource for Quantitative Proteomics Nationwide Voucher Program

Deadline: June 15th, 2021 11:59 PM EDT

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Nationwide Voucher Program

Voucher application due dates: 5:00pm on October 15, February 15, June 15

Earliest start date: November 1, March 1, July 1

Anticipated number of awards: 100 annually 

Award budget: Fee-free voucher for 10-plex TMT (>7,000 proteins) or 20 sample DIA 

Award Period: Samples must be submitted within 4 months from award date

Eligibility: One awarded voucher per laboratory Principal Investigator per year. Priority will be given to researchers funded by NIGMS, funded through the NIGMS-IDeA Program, and early-stage/new investigators working within the mission of NIGMS. Only one submission per laboratory Principal Investigator per due date.

Pre-submission consultation: Interested applicants may contact the resource at to discuss the proposed sample analysis and determine voucher eligibility.

Content and form of application submission: Applications are limited to 2 pages (11pt font, single spaced, 0.5 inch margins) and should include the following sections: Project Overview (outlining the specific research question), Preliminary Studies (providing example data to support the proposed proteomics analysis), Quality Control Data (provide evidence of sample quality such as a gel image, verification of 50 micrograms of protein or 25 microliters of plasma/serum, and details on sample homogenization including buffer components), and Data Utilization (discussing how the proteomics data will be used to support work within the scope of NIGMS). An optional pre-submission consultation may be used to determine whether TMT or DIA proteomics would be most appropriate for the study. 

Other documents for submission: Principal Investigator NIH Biosketch and NIH Other Support documents. 

Other requirements: For eligibility, recipients will be required to participate in pre- and post-award surveys. 

Contacts: For general questions, contact For administrative questions, contact Ms. Sonet Weed (